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If you’re like most families, you probably have boxes of pictures, photo albums, slides, video and thousands of digital photos. 

There they sit…all boxed up in a dark closet,
computer or external hard drive.

Wouldn't it be nice to share those memories?
Remember, Share.

Molly Bullard is the founder of Seattle Photo Organizing, a company that specializes in transforming diverse collections of archives into accessible memories. For over eighteen years she has been guiding clients through their photos, slides, film/video, and digital images to find the set that best tells their story. With deep technical knowledge and a highly-tuned visual eye, Molly organizes and scans all to create online digital family archives, elegant photo books, captivating photo walls, custom videos and personalized digital photo training for Mac, PC and iPhone/Android users. Call Molly to partner with you on your project so you can simply, Simplify, Remember, Share.

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Top 5 Photo Organizing Questions:

What should I do first to organize my print and digital memorabilia?


How do I organize my digital pictures within Apple Photos on my Mac?


How do I check to make sure my iPhone pictures are syncing back/forth to my Mac (or PC) computer?


How do I organize my digital pictures on my PC computer?


What is "the cloud" and which vendor is best for my photos?

Seattle photos, slides, organizing classes.
seattle photo organizing classes
How To Organize Your Digital Photos (PC focus)

I will explain how to create one "Master" photo archive, demonstrate organizing ideas, how to add keywords/tags, and answer your questions regarding the Windows operating system and how to backup your collection. Free.

Location: Microsoft Store University Village

Will reschedule when COVID-19 precautions are lifted.

How To Organize Your Digital Photos (Mac focus)

I will give you an overview of the Mac operating system, OS updates such as Catalina, discuss the features of "Photos" and how to maximize its functionality, answer iPhone photo-related questions and explain options for backing up your full photo collection. Free. 

Location: Northeast Seattle Public Library

Will reschedule when COVID-19 precautions are lifted.

seattle photo organizing classes

I'd love to hear about your archiving or creative project. Click on Book Molly to schedule a free 20 minute Clarity call to talk about goals and how to take the first step.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Please call or email, or book an appointment.
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